Sunday, June 16, 2013


- After driving back from the Neison Race in Quebec, We headed back to the Ottawa Valley. The water levels had been crazy high all the time so we weren't sure if we were gonna get to surf before leaving Canada in direction to our next paddling adventure " The North Fork Championships " in Idaho, USA.

- So the next week or so we stayed in the Valley and got lucky with " BIG BUS " coming in ! so epic !!! Thanks to Joel Kowalski for taking good care of all of us.

Big Bus Wave - Ottawa River

- " Big Bus " comes in at high water levels, higher level than " Mini Bus wave " big size feature in the middle of the river you can catch this wave from either side of the river or bring a Jetski if you wanna keep it a little bit more gangster. Jetskis are good in this situation cause you can pretty much get arround two or three times more rides than normally walking up the river .

Airscrew photographed from river right. Thanks Sarah Jean Daub for the Photo

Airscrew zoomed in from same angle, Super sick ! photo Sara Jean Daub

Shout out to Jackson Kayak for putting on another sick freestyle machine, The 2013 Superstar made my stakeout so much more Glorious !!! Thanks 

- So we pretty much surfed Big Bus until we were pretty much ready to head Northwest  over to the states for the North Fork Championships in Idaho. Here I leave a sick edit the Boyz put up on This S T A K E O U T season this spring in Canada .... Check it out ! 

P R O G R E S S I O N 


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Race Poster 

                           Neilson River Race teaser from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

                                                              Neilson River Race Teaser

- Something like a week after the Ottawa Xl ( Whitewater Grand Prix Qualifier ). Myself & Ben Marr (CAN) decided to team up and head over to this race. We drove around 6 hours from the Ottawa Valley to St Raymond in the French region of Quebec. The Neilson is an event in teams of two down a  pretty hard section of whitewater ( class v ). We showed up in St Raymond may the 24th, went for a cheeky little celebration in Quebec city, very entertaining !

Team racing down one of the rapids ( Ben Marr, CAN ) taking the lead .

                                                         super stoke at the Finish line

                            Benny and I with a little post racing celebration with all the chicas !

            Thanks RED BULL Quebec for bringing The refreshments, Shelter and The good tunes !

Right after the event was pretty much done. We moved to St Raymond to grab some food and go to the  Awards afterwards.

                                                                              YES !


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Saturday, June 15, 2013

" O T T A W A X L "

So after around two weeks and a half, three weeks of pure AWESOME stakeout with all the boyz the awaited OTTAWA XL had come. Three days of awesome kayaking and competing in the Ottawa River, The events for this competition were Big wave freestyle in one the most intense wave you can ever imagine " GLADIATOR " in the middle of the Coliseum rapid and boater cross - head to head from  butchers knife to the bottom of Coliseum rapid around five to six minutes long.

OTTAWA XL, 2013 

- Friday May 17th first day of the event to go down at Wilderness Tours, pretty awesome haha ! it got out of proportions as is tradition, very good times over at wilderness tours with a bunch of friends and a lot of people.

- Saturday may 18th we all gathered in the facilities of Wilderness Tours for breakfast, we had a safety meeting prior to all kayaking to be had that morning. Fun run down the middle channel of the Ottawa River to make sure eveyone felt confortable with the section, 12 pm The 1st event beggins, two hits of around 15 to 20 participants each freestyling their way on Gladiator ... Most High wave of all ! Around 4 pm the freestyle event came to an end and everyone headed back to Wilderness Tours for Dinner and results of the 1st event and a little bit of partying afterwards.

      OTTAWA XL – MAY 17-19 2013 – WHITEWATER GRAND PRIX QUALIFYING SERIES                       from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

- Sunday may 18th we met up at Wilderness Tours in the morning for breakfast. 10:30 we had the safety meeting on the amphitheater. 11 am The transportation started carrying all the Athletes indirection to the Lorn for the last event boater cross head to head down the middle Channel. The day was sort of rainy at times and there were a lot of mosquitoes. The heats started, my heat was the very last one.. I took first in my first run, second in my second heat right behind Benny Marr and I had one killer run on the Finals with a pretty fast run all the way down to Coliseum and unfortunately missing the Finish Line on a real tied battle against Dane Jackson. Epic racing down this rapid ... So much fun. Here a leave you the Final edit of the 2013 Ottawa XL, sooo XL

                                                     About to crash White Face Monster

                                                  Coliseum rapid photographed from river left

                       Coliseum Rapid from the air on finals  - Thanks Ben Fraser for the photo ( CAN )

             Whitewater Grand Prix Qualifying Series - OTTAWA XL from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

                                                      OTTAWA XL FINAL EDIT

- This has been probably one of the Highlights of my season so far since I ended up taking one of the spots for the 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix to take place in CANADA next year... Super Ultra stoke on this.

                                                             OTTAWA XL PODIUM

Congratulations to the winners of the Ottawa XL this weekend!

Ottawa Kayak School | Wilderness Tours | Tribe Rider
Congratulations to the top finishers from the Ottawa XLand especially to those that have qualified* for the 2014Whitewater Grand Prix !!

Top 10 men:
1st Place: Dane O Jackson (USA)
*2nd Place (tie): Nicholas Troutman (CAN)
*2nd Place (tie): Kalob Grady (CAN)
*4th Place (tie): Ben Marr (CAN)
*4th Place (tie): Tyler Curtis (CAN)
*6th Place: Marcos Gallegos (CHL)
7th Place (tie): Tyler Fox (CAN)
7th Place (tie): Rush Sturges (USA)
9th Place: Mikael Hyla (FRA)
10th Place: Abel Thevenet (FRA)

Photo: John Rathwell Photography

Wilderness Tours | Ottawa Kayak School | Tribe Rider

Thanks To all and every single one of my sponsors !

Friday, June 14, 2013

That Time of Year Again " S T A K E O U T "

STAKEOUT: is that Special occation you know, like my Christmas your Christmas. that time a year we all hope and look forward to. The celebration of the Big Water, The melt, the friends, The big waves ... Mother Earth waking up from a long, dark and cold winter time to give birth to the most unbelievable river features and The most intense rages in the Planet. 

S T A K E O U T ?

So after moving to the Ottawa Valley to beggin the much awaited 2013 Stakeout, The expectations were crazy high since water levels were already higher than the ones had in the past 10 years ... So you can imagine how much water we were receiving. As the characters were slowly showing up. We started rallying to different rivers looking for the best and biggest features for the moment.

One of them and probably one of the rowdiest features we got on was "Lucifers wave" on the Gatineau river in the Province of Quebec. located probably an hour and a half from the Ottawa Valley

Packed, load up and ready to head to the Gatineau river
Cargados, empacados y listos para partir al Rio Gatineau

- We spent the night over on the Gatineau after having some of the Craziest surfs you could imagine. Lucifers wave is pretty intense, its a sort of left curling wave as you surf with one gnarly wave hole kinda in the left side of it. There is so much water pumping through this thing that every two passes you receive this crazy crash of water from above you just like in an ocean wave. Anyways here I leave you a little edit I made for this wave of one sick pass ending in a World Class beat down HAHA ... Check it out AHHHH !!!

                                LUCIFER:STAKEOUT from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

Here we have Benny sending and enormous Bread & Butter... Regular day for Benny 
Aqui esta Benny mandandose un Bread & Butter enorme... Dia regular para Benny, Uno de los remadores de freestyle grande mas finos que tenemos en el Planeta 

Myself lunching an airscrew, Check the size of the whole on the left side of the wave, pretty intense !
En esta imagen aparesco yo tirando un airscrew, Checkeen el porte que tiene ese ollo a la isquierda de la Ola, Super Intenso ! 

- We spent around two weeks driving to different wave spots and other big rapids. all around Quebec and Ontario areas. The next awesome wave spot we spent a lot of time surfing this springtime was          "The Ruins " this place is just Epical Radical !!! Located in the surroundings of Ottawa Downtown. This wave is incredibly V shape and super fast specially shaped for combo moves, to get to this spot you need to ferry across and above the Concrete ruins what makes this spot so dangerous is the Ruins definitevely  a place where you don't wanna end up

" The Ruins " Pictured from above sick shot of this crazy place ( V shape wave to the right of the photo & Ruins to the left of it. Bad Place!!! ) Thanks Ben Fraser ( CAN ) for the aerial Image
"The Ruins " Fotografiada desde el aire, Buena foto de este loco lugar ( Ola en forma de V a la derecha de la imagen y las Ruinas a la isquierda. No quieres estar ahi !!! ) Gracias a Ben Fraser ( CAN ) por la fotografia aerea

Myself sending an airscrew from Another perspective of  " The Ruins " ( River Right ) Photographer here sitting in a wall of concrete with eddy service in both sides. Thanks Ian Bogel ( CAN ) for the Photo.

Aqui estoy yo tirando un airscrew desde otra perspectiva de las Ruinas ( Derecha de la ola ) El fotografo aqui sentado dobre una muralla de concreto con aguas calmas en ambos lados ( nunca tan calmas ) Gracias Ian Bogel por las fotografias !

Here with a closer look of the feature, Inverted !!! 
Aqui con una mirada mas cercana de la Ola, Volandooooo !!!

Here a GO PRO shot Rafa Ortiz ( MEX ) took from one of the caves under the concrete wall of the crew ! Liooooon!
Aqui una foto de GO PRO Rafa Ortiz ( MEX ) tomo desde una cueva debajo de una de las murallas de concreto del Grupo. Leooooon !

We spent about 5 days surfing this incredible wave with a bunch of the Boyz. Awesome times had on this 2013 S T A K E O U T ! Here I'm putting up a video That SUBSTANTIAL MEDIA HOUSE created for all of you about Freestyle in this place, Enjoy it !!! Thanks EG and SUBSTANTIAL MEDIA HOUSE !

                               Substantial Does Stakeout from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.


                                                THANKS TO ALL MY SPONSORS

Spring & Summer " Canada & United States "

S  T  A  K  E  O  U  T

- April 27th, 2013 I took my Flight back to Canada from Santiago, Chile. I was sort of stressed a little bit cause I knew the Big Water had started to go off already and I wasn't there so I was actually going crazy ! Yes Crazy !!!

Blue skies over a nice pillow of clouds 
Cielos Azules por sobre las nubes 

Just landed in Ottawa
Recien aterrizados en Ottawa

- April 28th Arrived to Ottawa city in the morning, went pick up my ride ( Thanks Iza Flansberry ) for sorting that out, two mornings before that Jackson Kayak made sure I had my 2 boats for when I arrived ( Karma/ Superstar 2013 ) Thanks Jackson Kayaks for sorting that out for me ! ride and boats were set and so I headed to The Ottawa Valley to meet up with all the boyz.

Ottawa airport that morning 
Aeropuerto de Ottawa esa Mañana

Ready to go 
Listo para partir 


Friday, March 22, 2013


Put in ! where the Baker intersects with the Neff river and changes his colour 

The Baker had been in my list of rivers to run for sometime, I always had trips made up to go down south and run it after the season on the Futaleufu but it was not until this year that I finally had the opportunity to go and have an Awesome crew to travel with; Gerd Serrasolses ( ESP), Marcal de la Fuente ( ESP ), Aleix Salvat ( ESP ), Kalob Grady ( CAN ).

El Baker habia estado en mi lista de rios por correr hace algún un tiempo ya ! Siempre habia organizado  viajes al Baker para despues de la temporada en el rio Futaleufu pero no fue hasta este ano que tuve la oportunidad de ir y de poder viajar con un grupo increible de kayakistas; Gerd Serrasolses (ESP), Marcal de la Fuente ( ESP ), Aleix Salvat ( ESP ), Kalob Grady ( CAN ).

One of the many Galaciers along the way .... Patagonia !
Uno de los tantos Glaciares a lo largo del viaje .... Patagonia !

The boyz making a quick stop to stretch the legs and enjoy this beautiful scene !
los cabros haciendo un parada rapida para estirar las piernas y disfrutar el hermoso paisaje !

More epic Patagonian Scene, This place is just crazy 
Mas paisajes increibles . Este lugar es muy loco 

The journey down south was just mind blowing, so many beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes, mountains, glaciers etc. Track fully loaded we drove non stop until the Town of Cochrane.
it was here where we stayed for the next 5 days. We had previously met Nicholas de la Rosa ( Kayaker from Cochrane ) during the Whitewater Grand Prix in Pucon and he knew we were coming down and offered us to stay at his place.

El viaje al sur fue tan solo increíble, tantos paisajes bonitos, Rio, Lagos, Montanas, glaciares etc. Camioneta completamente cargada manejamos sin parar hasta la localidad de Cochrane. Fue en ese luagr que nos quedamos por los siguientes 5 días. Previamente al viaje habiamos conocido a Nicholas de la Rosa ( Kayakista de Cochrane ) durante el White Water Grand Prix en Pucon y supo que viajariamos al Baker y nos invito a quedarnos a su casa.

Six In the morning outside the cabin, Cochrane, Chile
Seis de la mañana justo afuera de la cabaña, Cochrane, Chile

The cabin ! Nice and warm
Nuestra Cabana ! linda y calentita

We could not get any luckier, they let us stay at a nice little cabin where we were comfortable and warm everyday of the trip + his family cooked amazing meals for us everyday so Yes you can imagine how lucky we were ! Thank you so much Nicho and Family for everything you made this trip super special !

No pudimos tener mejor suerte durante el viaje, la familia de Nicholas nos dejor quedarnos en una de sus cabanas en las orillas del rio Cochrane. Estuvimos super comodos y calentitos todos los dias del viaje y eso no fue todo, La mama y Hermandas de Nico nos preparon comidas increibles todos los días asi es que se pueden imginar cuanta suerte tuvimos ! Muchas Gracias a Nicholas y a su linda Familia por cuan especial hicieron de este viaje al Rio Baker !

Kalob Grady, Aleix Salvat and myself on the works for a nice meal after the river 
Kalob Grady, Aleix Salvat y yo trabajando en la cena despues de el rio 

Nicholas's Family and the crew at their place
 En la casa de La Familia de el Nicho de la Rosa y el Team 

We were driving from Cochrane to the put in everyday for our daily paddle. bombing down the gorgeous canyons of this unique river in the World. we paddle the Baker for 5 days straight non stop. The river is unfortunately in plans of getting damned ... YES its crazy sad ! I feel really fortunate of having the opportunity to paddle this Beautiful Whitewaters and I hope you get the chance aswell.

here I leave you my Video Edit with images of this Amazing but seriously treatened river

Nos quedamos en Cochrane todos los dias desde que llegamos, manejamos todos los dias desde el pueblo hasta el inicio de los rapidos para nuestra sesion diaria de kayak. Bajando los hermosos canones de este rio unico en el Mundo. Remamos el Baker por 5 dias sin parar. Este rio esta desafortunadamente  en peligro de ser Represado .... y SI es muy triste ! Me siento muy afortunado de haber podido remar los hermosos rapidos de este rio y espero uds tengan la oportunidad de hacerlo tambien.

Aqui les dejo el video de mi experiencia en este Hermoso pero seriamente Amenazado Rio


" THE BAKER " from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

Thank you !!!